Saturday, August 30, 2014

Word of the week is...

So so tired.
I am so tired that I forced myself out of bed today.
I slept about 8 hours.
I am so tired.
What's wrong with me?
I was up bright and early everyday in the summer. I did awesome and exciting things and tired. So drained. So not full of energy.
Yesterday, by 7th period, my feet were killing me and all I wanted to do was to sit down, but I didn't for fear any of my bosses would walk in for an observation.
It would be like, "crap, crap...crap. Three days into the first of the school year and I already have a bad observation."
I am glad my smartboard wasn't responding when I was trying to click my power point slides, because It gave me a chance to leaned my knee on my chair as I lectured.
Thank God for some support.
But then, the painful walk outside after school for bus duty had to be done. I am so glad there was no comfortable chair out there because I would have sat there, never to get up again.
My boss, the principal, surprised me from behind, asking me how my week had been. I tried to keep a big smile on my face. I was honest with him. I told him I had had a good week. And in all honesty, I did. I was just, yep, you guessed it, so tired. 
My body had no energy and I felt so drained.
I know, I sound like I am 100 years old.
I even went for some Starbucks this morning, but was tired and didn't stay the usual time I stay.
This was my first time since my birthday that I had set foot there. They have been short staffed in the morning and they have been closing the lobby and I didn't want to wait.
I did have a cup of coffee, argued with a barista about their refill policy and then left. I didn't argue, like scream or yell. I just don't approve of baristas who don't take the time to read up on their refill policy. I don't understand why they would rather argue with a customer, instead of just agreeing with them. Specially with me, because he knew I was right. Oh well.
I am so tired.
And thinking about everything I have to do tomorrow, makes me more tired.
I have to do some data reports, lesson planning and something else I can't remember because I am tired.
I did manage to sort out and label all my students with accommodations on a big binder and highlighted important information, but then I fell asleep for hours.
Then I was hungry and went to Whataburger, where this happened:

I texted my sister what happened. All I wanted was extra tomatoes.

I also took my car for a much needed car wash. She got the super soaker special.

I also tried to go re-sign my lease, because I got a letter stating my lease had expired. Which is stupid of them, because I went to talk to them on several occasions this summer about my lease.

My rent is going up! So glad and happy about it. NOT! I like Midland, I enjoy working here, but I hate the housing situation. I hate that everything costs and arm and a leg. I would be ok paying $800 a month for an efficiency, if it were actually a well kept, semi new apartment. This place is old, looks like it's falling apart and I don't even have a door between my bedroom and the living room. Just wrong.
Ok, time to go back to sleep. If I want to have a relaxing Monday off, I have to finish everything tomorrow because we have to turn in work Monday by 8 am. Boooooooo #tired

Thursday, August 28, 2014

My brain...

It aches, a lot.
My feet and ankles and entire body ache.
I had forgotten how much the body hurts the first days of school. I am in bed right now and afraid to get up. My body is in full alert. If I move, shields go up - pain, go away.

Today I felt like a broken record.
I talked to every single class about emergency procedures, we practiced the fire drill, took them outside and then I did my lesson on hooks.

I feel satisfied, knowing that what I taught today, the kids understood. I wasn't nervous, well, I take that back - I wasn't too nervous. Not as much as last year. 

To break the cycle of doing the exact same thing and to spear my coteacher the same lesson every period, I spiced it up a bit. I would say "good morning!" To the kids in the afternoon classes and they in turn would do a double take, wondering what the heck I was doing.

I liked the class participation and I even checked for understanding when I did my "make a date" activity. I was happy the kids followed my instructions and did what they were told.

I am satisfied with today.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

There's nothing in this world...

...I would rather do than sleep, but I can't. My entire body is aching. My feet hurt, and I know I will be sore tomorrow morning. My fitbit was like, "oh look, just 2,000 more steps and you complete your daily goal." I was like, screw you, I am tired! Lol

I went to school super early today. I was nervous and excited and had the butterflies in my stomach. Then I remembered last year, I was scared, Probably more scared than the students. But this year I wasn't as nervous. I knew what to expect and as odd and weird as this may sound, it felt normal. I picked up things just as if it was last year. The only difference were the students.

We also got encouraging texts and emails from my department chair.


I made sure my power point was ready to go. The day went by fast, but it was busy. I was so exhausted by the end of the day. I can't think of anything else but sleep. I am so tired.

My certification mentor is awesome.

Oh, and I am in today's newspaper!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

This I promise you

Today was a busy day at work. I made sure my room was decorated, fixed my desks, move stuff around and walk around like a crazy lady just trying to make sure everything be ready for tomorrow.

But really, my day started off at Starbucks for a quiet morning birthday breakfast.

Today was crazy busy, I forgot my birthday was today. But my boss sent out a reminder to everyone.

I do have an awesome principal. 

This is cool, 8:26 am at 8/26.

I also decorated my door. Not lame after all!

And made my bathroom passes for the kids.

PTA provided lunch for us today. It was yummy.

After work, I took myself to eat dinner. I had an amazing family birthday celebration this weekend, but somehow, my actual birthday...was lonely. I spent the day in fast forward, trying to make sure everything was ready for tomorrow, I had people at work wish me a happy birthday. Jarod even gave me a pack of posters for me to hang in my room as a birthday present. That was cool.

But once I was sitting there, alone and eating my soup, a table of 15 was sitting next to me and they too were celebrating a birthday. I couldn't help but just get a little sad.

But I ate and took a lot of food home. Lots of leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

The server even gave me this deliciousness for free! I told her it was my birthday. Maybe she felt bad for me because I was eating alone.

But the best part of my dinner was the phone call I got from my niece and nephew. I love them so much and it made my day better.

The both talked to me about their first day of school.



Time to rest and be ready for tomorrow!

Good workout today.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

So much to do

Left Austin about 8:30 am and headed out to Midland. The drive went well, lots of talk radio and music was played.

Everytime I drive by this courthouse, I wonder if anyone has ever driven straight into the lawn. Yeah, that's a weird thought. Anyway, today I drove straight to Big Spring and avoided FM 158. I figured it's best to avoid that area because, you know, I don't want to crash.

When I got off my car at work, I noticed someone had written on top of my car. The word "Hi!" Is there. Not sure who did it, but I also noticed my hood was written on, but scratched off. Well, written with the dirt that was in my car.

Then when I got there, one of my teacher friends had just arrived with her kids. Then went in and a man with his kid showed up to school. He wanted to talk about registering his kid to school. And he only spoke Spanish and I spoke to him. Told him to come back tomorrow to talk to the ladies.

Then we went to the break room where there was a wet spot by the fridge and I almost fell. Sweet baby Jesus, no. I grabbed on to the table not to fall and I hit and chipped my nail. It was painful, but I would rather take a chipped nail, than being on the floor, for a second year in a row. Then walking to my room, I see this.

This is the last thing I needed. I couldn't get to my room. I was tired, sleep deprived and I just wanted to decorate my room so I could go to bed and sleep. I had to wait about an hour before we could let the wax dry and I could go to my room.

Then it rained.

And the lights went off twice.

So I decided to call it a day. Had dinner and now, off to bed. Sleepy time.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

All I wanted was cake!

When my brother asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I told him I wanted dad to grill his famous delicious chicken and I wanted cake. On my cake I wanted a few candles and Caleb and Aly by my side, singing happy birthday with me, and blowing out the candles.

The day was fun. I played with Aly.

And played some more outside.

Then spent time with Caleb, watching him play some game on my iPad.

Then I watched them swim in the pool.

Then as we waited for dinner, we goofed around and took tons of photos. Abuelito gave Caleb $10 so we celebrated with photos.

And then we had an extremely big dinner. Grilled chicken, grilled corn, moms famous and very delicious rice and beans. Avocado and tomatoe salad and grilled Mexican green peppers.

Then Aly and Caleb helped with putting candles on my cake.

And Aly waited patiently. 

But not before taking some more photos.

And then the happy birthday song and yummy cake followed.

And then, the gifts started! I honestly was not expecting any. I didn't want any. I didn't demand any. All I wanted was dinner with family and a cake. But I got this:

That banner has been handing there since Aly's 3rd birthday in June. My family got me a fitbit!!! OMG! No more using my iPhone to track my steps!! I wanted to cry. I kept saying, "I just wanted cake."

And then my mom tells me she has another gift for me. I know, this is silly, but I have wanted a slow cooker for ever! I was not at all prepared for all the gifts and love my family gave me.

I feel so blessed to have them all in my life. In my head, I just wanted cake! I wanted to share today with the people that I love and care for the most. My real birthday will be spent working and preparing for school, but I won't worry because I made amazing memories with my family today.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Wow no words

Today was a busy day at work, we spent the entire day in our classrooms. I managed to update my lesson plans, laminate a few posters and did some stuff around my classroom. 

have to say, I am a proud of myself that I walked 3 miles.

But the craziest thing happened after work, when I got in my car and started my drive to Austin. Somewhere between Midland and highway 87, there's a section of highway that's under construction and that's a two lane road. I was just about to cross an overpass bridge, when a truck in front of me, driving from the opposite way, swerved, drove on top of the rail, flew a little bit and then went down the bridge. It happened so fast. A few of us who saw the accident stopped and we ran, ok I walked fast, bad knee. To help whomever it was that went down the bridge. The man who dialed 911, had no idea where we were, so I pulled Google maps and was able to tell the operator. Then I walked down the bridge and the guy was in shock. We were all telling him to sit down, to calm down. His truck was totaled. Twisted tires, hood folded like an accordion. It was not a nice scene.

Then the sheriff showed up and told us to stay away from the truck because it started to smell like gas.

Then the sheriff walked back to check on truck. I know, my reporter instincts kicked in and I wanted to find our more information about the driver.

This is as far as I was able to walk, after the sheriff showed up. I should have taken a photo when I was down there, but you know, gas...explosion. Yeah, not good. And I started talking to the driver and I started asking him questions and it turns out he was looking down when it happened. He didn't say he was on his phone, but his headphones were sticking out of his shirt and back pocket. I don't like to assume, but how in the world do you not see a bridge right in front of you, if you are not doing something else?

I honestly was scared to death when I saw the accident. Had it not been for that rail, he probably would have driven straight into me and the other cars behind me. I thanked God that that didn't happened, and thanked God because the stupid kid didn't run us over. I swear, he was a kid who was dazed and confused. But thank you Sweet Baby Jesus, we all lived to tell the story.

The sheriff didn't want to let us go because we witnessed the accident and the DPS needed to take our witness statements. The ambulance also showed up and took care of the kid.

After about 20 min, we were free to go. I drove super super slow to Austin.

But before, I stopped at what seems like the worlds smallest rest stop.

And then a photo of my awesome car.

I love my car. Ok I am off to bed, tomorrow shall be a super fun day!

I don't know about you...

...But I was so tired yesterday after a long day of meetings and training. My body was so exhausted, not to mention the last room we were in for training, had a none working AC. It was terrible.

After work my friend invited me to dinner and to have an adult beverage. We had fun, then the lightning show started. Winds were strong and it looked like a big storm was approaching. I stayed at her house late, for fear it would pour down and my car would end up floating down Midland Drive.

I was so exhausted by the time I arrived to my apartment. Today is a classroom day (I think, I hope) I need to finish lesson planning and decorating my room. Then it's off to Austin. So excited to go see family!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The end is near!

Ok, ok, I am overreacting, but life as I know it is going to change in about a week. That's right, it's almost back to school! 

Good bye summer.
Good bye to sleeping late.
Good bye 5 hour hanging out at Starbucks.
Good bye last minute road trips.
Good bye fun volunteering days.

Hello school.

This morning, my car turned 1,000 miles old. It feels like just yesterday I was driving her off the car lot, at 27 miles. How time flies.

(Queue Barbara Streisand, "memories") 

I arrived at Starbucks for my morning coffee and to enjoy a few quiet moments, when a message poped up on my Starbucks app.

Awwwww, Starbucks loves me, she really does! I am still not sure what I will be doing to celebrate my birthday. For the last few years, like New Years, I celebrate alone. I don't know, I guess I am used to it. That's ok, I don't mind. Last year I treated myself to some barbecue. Maybe this year I will go Italian.

Then at school, we did this.

Today was kind of weird for me. I literally had a lot of people compliment me on my hair. It was just weird. Was my hair not nice looking before? I am told they love the lighter color and that it's short. One teacher went as far as touching my hair, it was weird but awesome.

Then we were in our classes for the rest of the afternoon. I walked to the book room and saw our literature books, just waiting for us. They are screaming out our names. "We are ready for you!" I hope I am the first one next week to pick books!!

I had a mini freak out moment with my faux mentor today. I started worrying about our daily grammer bell ringers. In my head, I can picture grammer, but I couldn't see anything past that word. It's like I froze. So what do I do? How do I start this? I asked her. She basically told me to snap out of it and focus. She's awesome.

And hooray for this!

Then I hurried to my apartment because the water man was waiting for me to deliver water and replace my water dispenser. I got a newer model!

This is like the best thing ever. I am going to nap, or relax or just watch tv for now.
Tomorrow will be a long day. But no worries, Friday after work I am driving to Austin to meet family! We are celebrating my birthday together. It is going to be awesome, we only get to hang like this once or twice a year. Sometimes my sister can't make it because of work, or my parents can't come. But this weekend we all be together.